F-Rib 360


The F-RIB 360 is 12 feet in length can be packed away to an impressive 110 x 90 x 45 cm.

The F-RIB 360 can be unfolded and inflated in less than 5 minutes with no hassle or extra parts to worry about, and only 48kg.

These compact inflatable boats have a rigid fibreglass hull, when on the water these boats become the perfect small rib.

With this unique design, boats this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB. With the solid GRP hull the F-RIB provides superior ride and comfort over other compact inflatable boats. Due to the foldable concept of the hull, the F-RIB is able to be packed, stored and carried like a normal inflatable boat.

The F-RIB 360 is the perfect tender for medium sized yachts, and great for those who enjoy the outdoor life-style. 

These ribs provide all the benefits of a rigid boat without sacrificing valuable storage space.

Features- Accessory bag, Bench seats, Oars, Air pump, Repair patch.

  • Folded Dimensions – 110 x 90 x 45 cm

  • Length  – 3.60 metre / 11.81 ft

  • Internal Length – 2.55 metre / 8.37 ft

  • Weight – 48kg (Excluding Motor)

  • Beam – 1.65 metre / 5.41 ft

  • Internal Width – 76cm / 2.49 ft  

  • Tube Diameter – 43cm / 1.41 ft

  • Max HP – 25hp

  • Max Load – 700kg 

  • Max Passengers – 4

  • Air Chambers – 3

  • Hull – Rigid V

  • Category – C

CE marked to category C. –  “Coastal waters and inland waters”. Boats designed for traffic near the coast, in large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where the wind force can be up to 6 (the Beaufort scale) and with a significant wave height up to and including 2 m.

The F-RIB is a completely new generation of multi-purpose boat. The unique way of creating a folding GRP hull is a worldwide patent and unavailable as any other brand, this concept now provides a new range of applications to the use of a RIB where space and weight need to be at a minimum.


The solid GRP hull provides the boat with stability while the large tubes offer safety and a comfortable dry ride for the passengers.

The tubes are made from with a light and UV durable PVC Mirasol 1100g/sqm, have up to 4 chambers and are produce to a exacting standards to ensure consistent high quality.


The F-RIB's are easy to store, and cleverly engineered for reduced weight than comparable products.


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