Takacat Packages available with -

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 - Tohatsu Outboards

 - Epropulsion Electric Outboard

Takacat 240L


The Takacat 240L is a unique and versatile inflatable catamaran boat. Boasting large 42cm tubes, the 240L offers exceptional stability and is one of the lightest catamaran boats on the market, weighing only 20kg.


Rolling down into a 100 x 60 x 40cm bag, this is a high performance, light weight and easily portable inflatable, able to go from bag to water in minutes.


Trying to get out of the water to regain a canoe or inflatable boat can be very difficult and even dangerous. The unique design of the Takacat L's open bow facilitates boarding in the water with an ease not possible with most other types of boat.


This open bow inflatable is ideal as a tender, or in any situation when space and weight is at a premium.

Features- Accessory bag, Oars, Air pump, High pressure floor, Heavy duty under-tube rubber protection, D Rings, Oar Locks, Four Carrying Handles, Life Lines.

  • Bag Dimensions – 100 x 60 x 40 cm

  • Length  – 2.40 metre / 7.87 ft

  • Weight – 20kg (Excluding Motor)

  • Beam – 1.40 metre / 4.59 ft  

  • Tube Diameter – 42cm / 1.38 ft

  • Max HP – 6hp

  • Max Load – 300kg 

  • Max Passengers – 3

  • Air Chambers – 2 plus floor

  • Hull – Catamaran

  • Category – D

CE marked to category D – Inland or sheltered coastal waters: is for boats in small lakes and rivers with winds to Force 4 and significant wave heights to 18 inches.


Takacat’s large diameter tubes plus catamaran hull design provide exceptional stability. When you are out on the water, if boarding from the mother ship or enjoying a spot of fishing, you will really appreciate the stability of your Takacat tender.



A light weight, low resistance catamaran hull design provides quick and level planning, exceptional stability and fuel economy. Boasting a shallow draft with loads of buoyancy also allows for extremely shallow water navigation plus the ability to get further up the beach or ramp before grounding.


Transport & storage options

The new L Series is light and easy to handle. No hard hull & fittings to damage your main boat or car. Easily lifted on-top of a hard top or simply pulled into the cockpit or onto the bow. Davits can also easily be fitted on this clever tender due to long straight sides and you also have the options of simply deflating and packing away.



Takacat stands for Quality and develop their boats with premium materials and state of the art manufacturing. Takacat recently moved to more environmentally friendly cotton wrapping of their boats for delivery.