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UltraSonic Cleaning 

Carburettor Cleaning Service

We now offer ultrasonic carburettor cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of complete removal of a wide variety of contaminants from objects including carburettors by using high frequency sound waves in a water based cleaning solution.

Carburettors and jets can easily get gummed up with fuel residue, petrol sediments and grease whilst left unused over the winter months. Due to the intricate mouldings and impossible to reach channels within carburettors, ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to fully restore and fix carburettor issues. Outboards that are struggling to idle, revving erratically or cutting out when throttling down will most commonly require a deep ultrasonic clean.

Pricing  -

 -  £30 Single Carburettor

 -  £50 Double Carburettor

 -  £70 Triple Carburettor

 -  £90 Quad Carburettor

* Pricing for stripped carburettor ready to clean.

* Prices are based on outboard carburettors.

Strip and rebuild cost of £40 for single and double and £60 for triple and quads. Rebuilds will only be undertaken with with new gasket kits. 

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