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Introducing the MFS60AW

Tohatsu Corporation would like to announce our newest addition to our line-up, MFS60A and MFS60AW, the lightest weight 60 ps in the industry achieved with the legacy of MFS40/50A.

It is more than 15% lighter than our conventional 2-stroke M60 and more than 7% lighter than the closest competitor. Lighter weight means more self-bailing ability, less swamping, easier planing and making re-power easier than before. MFS60 can be on the back of any kind of boats.

Minimal design concept to utilise absolutely everything from the predecessor to be as simple and easy as possible without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Fundamental parts have been newly developed to achieve 60 ps. At the same time, every component that can be utilised and standardised are used making MFS60A and MFS60AW the best weight-to-horsepower ratio with superior fuel efficiency.

Overall look of monotone colour both available in Aqua Marine Blue and Beluga White with mirror plane decals makes it look sleeker than ever before.

Now available at Cornish Marine.

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