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Not just another boat... Welcome the RiverBoat

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Manufactured in Norway since 1995, we have a newcomer to the small boat

market in the UK.

In a niche group of small plastic boats that can be counted on one hand, the newcomer boasts superb build quality, unique hybrid hull design and a comforting outlook on the environmental impact of plastics in the water.

This elegant yet practical design is produced from the environmentally friendly material polyethylene, that is not only extremely durable and impact resistant but also a plastic that is 100% recyclable. It is no surprise that RiverBoat have delivered more than 10,000 boats over the last 15 years whilst reassuringly maintaining as conscientious a carbon footprint as possible.

Available in a range colours and four sizes (290, 350, 420 and 460) the easy to handle V-hull catamaran hybrid is a favourite among families, fishermen and sailing schools.

The Riverboat comes as an open boat with a magnitude of deck space, or for something a little extra the 'XR Kit' turns this from a tiller-controlled vessel into a twin seat, side console sports boat. Perfect for cruising the coastline, jumping waves, or racing out to your favourite fishing mark.

For a versatile, no maintenance craft that will keep a smile on your face all day, it is difficult to pass up on a boat that markets itself as 100% fun.

visit the River Boat page for the complete range

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