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Tohatsu Corporation Announces the Newest Addition: MFS8C/9.8C

Japanese outboard motor manufacturer, Tohatsu Corporation, has announced that it will add a new generation of 8/9.8 horsepower 4-strokeEFImodels to its product range.

The most significant advancement from the previous model is the implementation of electronic fuel injection system, where the previous model utilized a carburetor. EFI technology offers easy starting in variable conditions and altitudes, smooth idling and optimized fuel economy. The EFI system provides consistent, effortless starting and eliminates the need of a manual choke in cold weather conditions. Utilizing a T-MAP

sensor and ISC valve, information is transmitted to the ECU, which enhances the air and fuel ratio in hot and cold environments. This technology also eliminates the need to adjust your outboard to operate at higher altitudes. This whole system will also allow the engine to perform a very stable idling. Additionally, the EFI system will eliminate the hassles experienced with carbureted models such as clogging and overhauling of the carburettor because of  ethanol fuel related issues. Most certainly, the EFI system provides better fuel efficiency throughout the rpm range and managed to cut fuel consumption by up to 35%.

Unique to the MFS8C/9.8C, Tohatsu has redesigned the tiller handle to include forward-neutral-reverse front shifter, stop switch, power tilt switch, and throttle friction adjustment for easier access and maneuverability for boaters. The tiller handle is connected to a redesigned carrying handle incorporating a routing channel for wiring and shift and throttle cables. Providing an overall cleaner look, the new carrying handle features a 40% increase in surface area and smooth shape to reduce pressure while transporting by hand.

MFS8C/9.8C models are designed for a wide variety of boat types such as inflatable, aluminum, fiberglass, and pontoon. Available in Aqua Marine Blue and Beluga White, multiple shaft lengths, and tiller or remote options, MFS8C/9.8C will meet any configuration you need for your boat. Limited to specific countries and/or markets, MFS6CZ, a 2-cylinder 6hp 4-stroke EFI model, is also offered.

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