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The Way Forward Is Optima, Guaranteed

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Exciting news..!! Now, throughout the entire un-braked range, we will be using the AL-KO Optima Hub with waterproof, compact sealed bearings.

Tried, Tested and Guaranteed

Since the change of axle style to allow more adjustment throughout the EXT300 - EXT500 range, we have tried several different options available from AL-KO, the firm favourite being the AL-KO Optima Hub complete with the maintenance free waterproof compact sealed bearing.

We have had great success with the Optima Hubs on our EXT750 Range. With positive customer feed back and no warranty issues, this has been a pivotal factor in our choice to move the full un-braked trailer range over to Optima.

Due to the design of the Optima Hub and 'lubricated for service life' fuss-free waterproof bearing, we will guarantee all Optima bearings and will now be included as part of our two year manufacturers warranty.

What's It All About?

So what is all the fuss about? Moving away from high maintenance bearings and a lot of marine grease, the change to compact sealed bearings was a good move.

The issue with the ingress of sea water has long been a challenge when it comes to bearings and maintenance.

The Optima bearing has a clever design where the seal is put directly in the compact bearing, with rotary shaft seal rings, minimising water ingress. The rear bearing is now protected by the shape of the hub and axle stub with integrated impact protection. This is the "Labyrinth Operation" system. With this design, dirt and dust cannot directly access the bearing, and, when cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner the water jet doesn't directly affect the bearing. The Optima dust cap has a soft plastic between the hub and cap that has a sealing function to also protect the bearing.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Maintaining our reputation as one of the leaders in boat trailer manufacturing in the UK, only with an Extreme Trailer will you get the Optima Hub and waterproof, compact sealed bearing.

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