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Utoka cool boxes; Unyielding, Light and Built to last

These robust and stylish cool boxers are roto-moulded to insure strength and durability in any environment. Coming in a range of colours and sizes, there is a Utoka cool box to suit everyone's outdoor style. 

Utoka's great coolers come with a lockable lid, non-slip feet, integrated bottle opener, heavy duty rubber closures, an accessories kit (cup holder, chopping board divider and dry goods basket) with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

With an ice retention of up to five days and their easy draining system, your adventures will never be the same again. Whether it's fishing, camping or a lovely picnic in the park, these boxes will certainly enhance your time in the great outdoors.



The Utoka 20 is the perfect size for day trips and overnighters. The tough carry handle ensures easy transportation even when fully stocked up. This hardy box is even compatible with canoes, kayaks and paddleboards.

Available in White, Seafoam or Camo.

Capacity: 18.9l (22 cans plus ice)

Ext Dimensions: L54 x H34 x D36 cm

Int Length: L37 x  H21 x D25 cm

Empty Weight: 7Kg




The Utoka tow70 is a beast. Big enough to hold enough food and drink for 5 days, seat 2 as a bench or as a sturdy table to display your spread. With this impressive cooler you get all the space you could need without having to sacrifice mobility thanks to it's heavy duty tow-along wheels.

Available in White, Seafoam or Camo.

Capacity: 104l (150 cans plus ice)

Ext Dimensions: L95 x H50 x D50 cm

Int Length: L81 x  H36 x D36 cm

Empty Weight: 22Kg


Utoka 45 sea-foam-.jpg


The Utoka 45 is ideal for backyard BBQs, fishing trips or days at the beach. Big enough to hold your catch of the day yet small enough to carry by yourself with its hardy carry straps. This handy cooler can even be used as a bench or a seat.

Available in White, Seafoam or Camo.

Capacity: 42.5l (42 cans plus ice)

Ext Dimensions: L67 x H41 x D41 cm

Int Length: L52 x  H28 x D29 cm

Empty Weight: 12Kg




The mighty Utoka tow70 fits anything and everything you could need for a BBQ event, family camping trip or maybe even a music festival. With tow-along wheels for ease of transportation you'll have no hesitations in filling this up no matter your destination.

Available in White, Seafoam or Camo.

Capacity: 66.2l (80 cans plus ice)

Ext Dimensions: L85 x H44 x D45 cm

Int Length: L70 x  H31 x D34 cm

Empty Weight: 17Kg


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