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Added Performance with Takacat

Takacat inflatables are the perfect solution to lightweight and convenient portable boating.

With the catamaran style hull, large tubes and outstanding stability, Takacats are quick, dry and most of all a lot of fun.

Paired with the correct engine and a bit of tweaking you will get the optimum performance even from the smallest of outboards.

Here are some of the tips offered by Takacat themselves.

Improve Fuel Economy

The use of a Hydrofoil plate can provide some great advantages including fuel economy, stability and tracking. We have found Permatrim Hydrofoils a very good match for the Takacat hulls and are highly recommended for optimum performance.

Avoid water kick back

Takacats are designed to be run with a standard 15" short shaft outboard leg. If however you experience any water kick back it's most likely that your outboard is to deep in the water. Simply raise your outboard with a wedge until you find the optimum running height for your outboard / load / boat set-up. Alternatively, a foam wedge (or similar) under the floor at base of transom will have the same effect. These heights can very from outboard brands / Hp sizes and models due to different locations of the forward facing spray defector on the outboard leg.

Enhance propeller performance

Have your propeller cupped. This is a technique used to enhance the performance of propellers under certain conditions in this case a light weight, tunnel hull inflatable. If you are experiencing cavitation (prop spinning out) then this can easily be fixed by getting the prop cupped. It's a basically the turning over of the top edge of the propeller which in turn provides extra grip so water doesn't slide off the top edge. This generally makes a big difference to the all round outboard / boats performance and will enable you to get on the plane quicker as well as the ability to plane with a heavier load.

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