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RigiFlex NewMatic The 'JAFFA'

A new line of boats for us at Cornish Marine, we are proudly offering the full range of Rigiflex Boats.

With the huge number of activities on the water around the coast of Cornwall it seemed obvious that we should become Cornish dealers of the nations favoured safety boat. The Newmatic 360 and 400 is one of the most popular safety boats used by sailing schools, sea scouts, harbour masters and the RYA sailing school.

Rigiflex Boats have been in production for many years, and are recognised throughout the industry as the original and still the best small safety boat available.

These cheap and cheerful 'Jaffas' wont break the bank either with basic 300 starting at £1850 boat only and the 400 coming in at £4250. Due to the robust design and material these are idea work boats that last, r

equiring little to no maintenance.

Rotary moulded (one piece - no joins or seams that can fail !) from hard wearing, UV resistant materials, the boats are practically unbreakable and give years of hard wearing service and are maintenance free. Designed for intensive use, the Rigiflex range is ideally suited to Professional, Commercial and Leisure applications and thousands are still in use every day.

If you would like further information on the Rigiflex boats, availability and package deals. Visit our contacts page and get in touch.

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