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Tohatsu Release NEW MFS75/90/100/115

TOHATSU Outboards are pleased to announce the world premiere presentation at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 (18-26 January 2020) of the first prototype of a new range of outboards: the new MFS115A.

The brand new range of 4-stroke outboard engines will be developed from 75 to 115 hp, in the MFS75 / 90/100 / 115A models.

Attention to the environment with low consumption, high torque delivered in acceleration and sporty design, the elements with which TOHATSU continues to stand out on the market remain.

The development of a new unique exhaust manifold design will help further improve the torque generated.

Research results from Tohatsu Corporation's Engineering Department state that the MFS115A will be able to generate extremely high torque, like no other 4-stroke outboard engine on the market.

The goal is to be able to reach a gliding speed faster and to offer navigation that is in line with the mission of the Japanese manufacturer TOHATSU: to offer a cutting-edge, reliable and exciting sailing experience.

The brand new range of MFS75 / 90 / 100 / 115A, and in particular the new MFS115A will be available on the market in two color options: Acqua Marine Blue or Beluga White.

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